Driving Directions from the Lions Gate Bridge to Mosquito Creek Marina:

1) Take turn off to North Vancouver

2) Take Marine Drive for 2.9 km heading towards 3rd Street W. (you will be turning right at the lights (which becomes Forbes Ave) and you will see a Husky Gas Station in front of you)

3) Turn Right onto Forbes Ave.

4) Continue coming down the hill on Forbes Ave which turns left only and then becomes Esplanade. As you are coming down the hill BEFORE you turn the left corner onto what becomes Esplanade you will see West Park signs on a fence and the BCIT Marine Campus on the left (White Building without a sign that you can see) and only one road that continues down towards the water. Take this right hand turn where Forbes/Esplanade meet…it is the only street there.

5) You will see a large War Canoe and a big sign that says Mosquito Creek Marina.

6) Turn right into the parking lot which has up West Park signs. There is a large gravel parking lot that can hold up to 100 cars. The cost is $3.00 hour up until $6pm and then it is $3.00 for the evening. The instructions are on the machines.

7) Once you park just head towards the security booth and I will meet you in front of Gate 3 which is just behind the security booth.

Walking Directions from the Seabus Terminal to Mosquito Creek Marina:

1) Come out of the Seabus terminal and turn left at the MacDonald’s.
Continue walking around the cul-de-sac until you see the Marine Walkway
Sign in between the 2 low rise buildings with the green roofs.

2)  Follow the sea wall for about 5 minutes maximum.  You will have the ocean on your left and you will pass a Waterfront Park on your right.

4) Walk past Waterfront Park and the BCIT Marine Campus (you can see the signs from this side)

5) Walk past the Marine Campus and you will now see Mosquito Creek Marina ahead of you.

6) Continue walking down Spirit Trail to A Dock Gate (1st Gate you will come across) and I will meet you at the entrance to Gate 3.

(please call Astrid at 604-754-0242 if you have any questions)

For guests going to an Event the Pontoon Boats will be docked at the bottom of the ramp at A Dock to take you to the Ferry “Spirit of the Nation”.

If you need to be buzzed through the gate just go to the security office which is located behind you in the parking lot.

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