Who is responsible for taking care of all the set-up and details?

We do most setups but if you’d like to hire a decorator and do your own theme, that is fine with us too. We’d be happy to work with any decorator you’ve chosen and of course we can recommend some we have worked with.

Can my guest throw rice or rose petals during the recessional?

Yes they can, however there is a clean up charge. Please contact us for estimate.

Can we have a Live Band and or DJ?

Yes, we have band’s and DJ’s come aboard.

Are children allowed?

Yes. Please note that there are many stairs and although the decks have covered rails you will still be responsible for watching your children.

Can we get married by the Captain?

Unfortunately no, there is no Captain on board. This venue is anchored and does not leave the dock at any time.

How many people can fit on the ship?

Approximately 350. Sit down buffet dinner in the dinning room is 160.

Can we bring Wine or Champagne?

You can but there will be a corkage fee applied, we have a full bar for all your alcohol requirements.

Can our guests leave their cars overnight in the parking lot?

Yes. For more information on parking at the Marina please contact West Park at 604-512-4619 or www.westparkinc.com and ask for parking information for Lot 009.

How do we get from the parking lot to the ship?

Once Parked head towards the security booth and they will direct you towards the gangway at A Dock which is where the pontoon boats will be waiting to take you to the ferry and enjoy your event!

I need hotel accommodation is there any you are affiliated with?

Yes, if you mention that your event is with Celebration on Water you will receive speical rates, based upon availabilty, with The Comfort Inn on Capalano Road 604-904-2750.
The Pinnacle Hotel at the Pier 604-986-7437

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Leave us an inquiry at info@celebrationonwater.com

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